A grey fog lay over the Maasvlakte as a silencing blanket. It seemed extinct this morning. Except for some Buzzards, a couple of Magpies, Herring gulls and Lesser Black-backed gulls and Cormorants (including one Shag), there was nothing to be found. Not even a Meadow pippit or a Rock pippit.  Not a tjirp or a tsjeep! After an hour we left. With a stop at the Oostvoornse meer, where we could hear the magnificent sound of the Whooping Swan. The Swans themselves where swimming far a way in the fog. Also the Bitterns that we sought for near Brielle where nowhere to be found. As Chris said: "Every disadvantage has an upside: "No pictures to be sorted out today ;-)

  • Snow goose
  • Snow goose
    Snow goose

    "But still I came home with some 40 pictures and a new "lifer": the Snow goose. A couple of weeks ago we thought that we had discovered one. After all it turned out to be a Ross' Goose, and an escape (because it was ringed). But this time we where lucky: no rings!

    Light was'nt great (did I mention the fog already?) but we could approach it quite nicely and watch the bird very well. Other than the regular white Geese that can be found in parks, the Snow goose has black wingtips, which can be seen while flying, and the bill is differently shaped and has a dark rim.

    Wilde Zwaan
    Een Wilde zwaan (rechts) met twee Kleine zwanen. Niet van vanochtend maar van vorig jaar. Een Wilde zwaan heeft meer geel op de snavel dan de Kleine zwaan.
     DSC2428 Groot
    De Ross' gans, kleiner en met een andere snavelvorm dan een Sneeuwgans.
     DSC2886 Groot
     DSC2902 Groot
    Geen ringen!
     DSC2906 Groot
    Zei ik al dat het mistig was?
     DSC2907 Groot
    Prepare for landing

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