Last year I was just a day too late. My nephew Koen told me there was a Great spotted woodpecker in the park in front of their house with youngsters, but when I finally had the time to drop by, the birds had flown.

Young Great spotted woodpecker. With it's size and red cap, it can easily be mistaken for a Middle spotted woodpecker.

This year I was in time, thanks to a vigilant ex sister-in-law, who told me a week ago (may 26th) that she heard a sound in the nest. This morning I found the time to visit the newborns and their happy parents and make the desired photo's.

When I arrived I found out that the concerning treee had three or four holes, but the little ones where hungry, so after a few minutes I could see the suspects, screaming for their lives from the middle hole. So I positioned the camera in a corner to the tree, hoping that the food transfer would be visible, and started to wait....

And yes, after some fifteen minutes mother bird came flying in. First she did a circle aroudn the tree, observing me carefully. But after a few minutes, the little ones made it prfectly clear that waiting any longer was out of the question. Mother decided that I was no threat. Such a weird creature on two legs could't fly after all and certainly no 20 meters. So she flew strait at the nest, exactly as I had planned. Because of the foliage and the lack of sun, the light wasn't optimal (1/125s, F6.3 en 3200 ISO) but I have the pictures I wanted. So I hope you'll enjoy!

Juveniele Grote bonte specht / Juvenile Great spotted woodpecker
Moeder Grote bonte specht  met jong / Mother Great spotted woodpecker with juvenile
Hap / Bite
Tot straks / Bye

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