Welcome! My name is Clements Radenborg. From my earliest days I have a passion for nature in general and birds specific. I can recall seeing my first Wren when I was 8 years old. When I was 5 years old my father showed me that not only trees loose their leaves in autumn but already then buds are being formed where new leaves will appear next spring. I also inherited another hobby from my father: Photography! When I was a little boy our attic was the darkroom where my dad developed his own pictures. My first camera was a russian 6x6 twin lens reflex camera clone of a Rolleiflex. I still have it though it's not in function anymore ;-)
 DSC0606 Groot
To me, the combination of birding and photography is a very satisfying one which brings me into surprising and exciting situations. Not only birds, but also insects like dragonflies, butterflies and also mammals cross my path. On this site you can get an impression of my work. You can find all of my pictures on flickr.


Alle foto's vallen onder het kopierecht en mogen niet worden gebruikt zonder expliciete toestemming van de eigenaar.


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